• Maada Bio Pays Last Respects To Remains Of Flood Victims

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  • Maada Bio, his Wife and Alie Kabba at the burial site of the flood Victims

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By: Yusuf Keketoma Sandi 

The Former President of the Republic of Sierra Leone and the 2012 Presidential Candidate of the SLPP, Rtd. Brig. Julius Maada Bio has told Sierra Leoneans in the United Kingdom that vulnerable people in our society must be cared for.

Speaking at the commemoration event of the first anniversary of the Maada and Fatima Bio Foundation in London on Saturday 30th May 2015, Rtd. Brig. Julius Maada Bio said that we should build a compassionate society in which people who do not have the opportunities in life are supported to build a fairer and equal society. He told the audience “I am a compassionate politician so I want to do politics and charity at the same time. My wife and I have special places in our hearts to help people in our society who are vulnerable. We cannot provide for all their needs but as a Foundation we will make our own contributions to make a difference in their lives.”
Rtd. Brig. Julius Maada Bio also narrated about his journey to Sierra Leone during the Ebola Crisis where the Foundation donated rice and condiments to Ebola victims and quarantined families across the country. In a very sombre tone he said “As we distributed rice to quarantine homes, I also visited a quarantined home. I could see the pain and anguish in the eyes of people. People were dying from Ebola but people were also faced with serious challenges from hunger especially those who were quarantined.”

The Former President also informed the audience that as a country we also need to develop the human capital in Sierra Leone. He said that going forward the Foundation will now focus on its two cardinal objectives of providing support to vulnerable children in the area of education and supporting women in addressing sexual reproductive health issues. The 2012 Presidential Candidate said “For us as a country to effectively develop the human capital we have to focus on education and healthcare which is why the Foundation has combined both education and Healthcare. Children and women are very important in developing our human capital. We just cannot confine women to the kitchen anymore.”

The Keynote Address at the Charity Event was giving by Mr. Conrade Omaleke Mathew Sackey who spoke about “The Relevance of Small Charities in our Communities”. Mr. Sackey who has a vast experience in the field of charity work centred his message on what he described as Citizen’s Charity which involves private citizens making their contribution to society. He also praised Rtd. Brig. Julius Maada Bio and his wife for their commitment to serve less privileged people in society. Mr. sackey also made reference to an Awareness Times Newspaper publication of July 16th 2014 in which the editorial team commended Rtd. Brig. Julius Maada Bio for the alacrity which with he reacted to the Ebola outbreak. Mr. Sackey said it was an evidence of how a good citizen responded to the plight of his compatriots. 

The welcome Address at the event was given by the President of the Foundation, Mr.Isaac Ken Green and the Vote of thanks was given by Mrs. Fatima Maada Bio.
The Anniversary Event was impressively attended by hundreds of people across the United Kingdom to as far as guests from the United States and other European Countries. During the event a short documentary was also shown to the audience which highlighted the activities of the Foundation during the fight against Ebola with testimonies from many families who received the rice donation across the country and interviews of renowned Sierra Leoneans who supported the rice distribution. The event was climax with fund raising activities, a raffle draw and dance. In his usual modesty the Rtd. Brig. Julius Maada Bio also went to every table thanking guests for their support and provided photo opportunities. In attendance were many distinguished Sierra Leonean professionals, tycoons and Politicians including SLPP Minority Whip Hon. Sidie Tunis, SLPP UK and Ireland Chairman, Mr. Jimmy Batilo Songa and majority of his executive members. 


Credit: Julius Maada Bio Media and Communications Team