• Maada Bio Pays Last Respects To Remains Of Flood Victims

  • Maada Bio Greeting Clergy at the Funeral of Flood Victims

  • Flood Victims Being Laid To Rest

  • President Of Liberia, President and Vice President of Sierra Leone Pay Last Respects To The Flood Victims

  • Maada Bio, his Wife and Alie Kabba at the burial site of the flood Victims

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Maada writes open letter to President Koroma on extension of Presidential term limit

In an open letter to President Koroma, Maada expresses deep concerns over potential moves within parliament to make constitutional amendments that would guarantee President Koroma an unprecedented third term in office:

In the letter, Maada argues:
‘May I also remind you Mr President that the current debate for a Third Term or an extension of your tenure will undermine the peace and stability of our country and our fledging democracy. This is already evident by the ongoing radio discussions up and down the country and the reported rift among “mask devils” (masquerades) that paraded the streets of Freetown on the 53rd Independence Anniversary, on April 27, 2014. In this context, it is also significant to recall the recent admonition given by the United State Secretary of State, John Kerry, to your Congolese counterpart, President Joseph Kabila that African presidents must respect their country’s Constitution and not run for a third term in office.’

Read the full letter here: http://www.scribd.com/doc/232293360/Open-Letter-to-President6th-May-2014