• Maada Bio Pays Last Respects To Remains Of Flood Victims

  • Maada Bio Greeting Clergy at the Funeral of Flood Victims

  • Flood Victims Being Laid To Rest

  • President Of Liberia, President and Vice President of Sierra Leone Pay Last Respects To The Flood Victims

  • Maada Bio, his Wife and Alie Kabba at the burial site of the flood Victims

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Maada Speaks out on Ebola Crisis


Solidarity Call to Action in the Campaign Against the Deadly Ebola Virus

London, June 2, 2013: Over the past weeks, I have also followed developments back home with keen interest and I am deeply saddened by the outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus, which has been confirmed by the Ministry of Health. It is particularly worrying as the disease has no known cure thus far. This poses a major challenge to our fragile and limited health infrastructure and therefore requires all hands on deck.

In view of the seriousness of the situation and the potential threat to the lives and wellbeing of our citizenry, I hereby invite all Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad from all walks of life to join the government’s campaign against the deadly Ebola virus. I am confident that with national solidarity, we shall defeat the Ebola virus the same way we ended the war, but this time with minimal damage and in record time.

I am also calling on our development partners to come swiftly to our aid in dealing with this fatal outbreak. This challenge is beyond the technical and financial capacity of our fragile health services and requires a concerted effort.

To the people of Sierra Leone, my heart is with you in these trying and turbulent times. I can imagine and feel the double impact of grinding and horrendous poverty and a pandemic that knows no bounds and respects no one. Let us continue to work hard and pray that this disease is completely eradicated.

I wish to express my sincere condolence to those families in Kailahun and other places who have lost loved ones and pray that God grants them peaceful eternal rest.

Julius Maada Bio