• Maada Bio Pays Last Respects To Remains Of Flood Victims

  • Maada Bio Greeting Clergy at the Funeral of Flood Victims

  • Flood Victims Being Laid To Rest

  • President Of Liberia, President and Vice President of Sierra Leone Pay Last Respects To The Flood Victims

  • Maada Bio, his Wife and Alie Kabba at the burial site of the flood Victims

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The Julius Maada Bio (JMB) Media & Communications Team, UK & I Branch and the Hon. Alpha Timbo Campaign Team would like to inform the general membership of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) that a meeting was held between them in London, United Kingdom, on Tuesday, 23rd December, 2014, and agreed to issue the following report. The Meeting between the two Stakeholders focused mainly on the present state of the Party, but more particularly the disunity among key stakeholders in the party.

Together, they have expressed commitment and determination to work with all other stakeholders to restore peace in the party. The two also recognized this not only as a priority objective, but the corner stone in the collective determination to bounce back to power in Sierra Leone at the next elections scheduled for 2017/2018.

To this end, the two Stakeholders agreed to maintain frank dialogue that their meeting has initiated and to continue to work together on all issues that touch and concern the peace, unity and progress of the Party and the welfare of all its members. They recognised the urgent need for the legitimate Party structures at all levels to begin to work in earnest and to encourage the National Executive towards that end while also keeping in focus the need to be supportive of the efforts of the Government aimed at bringing to an end the devastating Ebola Virus Disease.

Both Stakeholders fully acknowledged the great value of the Party going into the next elections as a peaceful, united and unified Party. To this end, they recognised that Party Executives, Stakeholders including but not limited to all those involved in peace initiatives and the entire membership of the Party have a significant role to play. All hands must be brought on deck and nobody must be left out. In this process of rebuilding peace and unity and strengthening the Party, it is most vital that key priorities such as the forth-coming National Population Census and the Local Government Elections be determined and efforts at all levels be co-ordinated in order to leave no doubt that the Party is ready to resume national governance.

The paramount objective of returning the Party to national governance at the next election also demands that all other considerations must be kept in full view at all times by all stakeholders and supporters alike. They therefore agreed to admonish their respective supporters to be respectful to all Stakeholders of the Party and to one another at all times. By adhering to these fundamental precepts, unity and success for the Party can be achieved.